Neomatrix Gaming Network provides an unmatched, state-of-the-art multiplayer gaming platform so that you can experience the highest level of PC gaming. Our PC's provide the maximum quality and power to realize each game's true potential. You can play your favorite multiplayer PC games (as well as single-player ones) over an extremely fast, no lag Local Area Network, head to head and face-to-face with friends and foes alike.

Playing the games at the arena makes it much more exciting as you see your rival's face in agony every time you frag him. 

Come and enjoy multiplayer gaming to the max at the Neomatrix Gaming Network where a great environment and quality network is all set for your gaming pleasure!


Our Branches:
NEO1 : 184-Y, Phase 3, D.H.A., Lahore. Tel: (042) 5894881, 5894882
NEO2 : Ahad Arcade, Basement Hall, Near Dunkin Donuts, Gulberg III. Tel: (042) 5874674
NEO3 : 7K Commercial, Model Town, Near International Market, Lahore. Tel: (042) 5916979
NEO4 : Mezzanine Floor, Sozo World Cinema, Fortress Stadium, Lahore. Tel: (042) 6172669

11am to Late 

NEO Hotline: (042) 5894881












Intel Dual Core

Graphics Card
Nvidia GeForce 9600GT/8600GT (Built by MSI)
Memory Module
1GB Kingston or Corsair Ram
LG Flatron 19" (With Eye Strain Free Technology)

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From time to time, Neomatrix arranges tournaments in various categories and games. We are proud to have the following sponsors who make it possible for us to host the many tournaments we have had so far. Neomatrix recently joined hands with WATEEN TELECOM to host the first ever WCG National Finals in Lahore in which teams from all over Pakistan participated.


We take our customers' views very seriously and are glad to know that they enjoy gaming at Neomatrix Gaming Network. It's our customers who have made us famous in the gaming industry and we are proud to have the best gamers playing at Neomatrix. We strive to create an environment where everyone can enjoy. Here are some extracts from Neo's guestbook. Thanks to all of you for your nice comments.

I have been to many gaming zones but the best one is Neomatrix because it has great atmosphere in easy words every thing is great,thank you salman bhai for making this place. bro told me abt this gamming cafe nd i woz like keh man! yahan to top gamers atain hain nd i can never beat `em but since Generals Zero-Hour came i played tht game like hell nd now i`m the best player nd not only in zero-Hour but in RA2 as well nd am good in Counter strike as well.....and it`s all cuz of salman bhai i would like to thank salman bhai fr his gr8 work! as he has done a wonderful job.....Neomatrix Rulez!
(\/)eGŠTršn (Ahmed)

I'm playin computer games since my childhood.I always get attracted to games which got violence and strategy.This addiction of games brought me to lan gaming.I accidently found Neomatrix but i must say that salman has done a wonderful job to give the best to his clients and now I'm addicted to LAN playin as well...keep it rollin!!!

I have seen all from the beginning of portal to extreme club and to gound zero but i have found Neomatrix THE BEST .All the credit goes to salman bhai and especially to IMA(Imran) and donyoun(Majid) .I wish best of luck to salman bhai and hope that he would carry on the good work.

Hey ppl.....I have played almost every game (may be indoor or outdoor)......but i couldnot become a master of any one of those games.......bcoz they never provided me all the facilities and enjoyments which a gamer everyone called me "jack of all and the master of none" ..........atlast i found Neomatrix Gaming was wonderful...i ,fortunately, got all the facilties and enjoyments which a gamer Neomatrix...I play games here with a hope that i would be the master of any of the computer games....I LOVE GAMING AT Neomatrix.....Thank u Salman Bhai...U r gr8.

When it was opened i did not go to neo....but then one day my friend took me....and from that day i go daily for somewhat 5 or 6 hrs...sufferin the opposition from my home.. its not only that the pc's r too gud there but also the management is awesome.....salman bhai is very frndly and who cld forget our donyoun ( bateen na karo gaming karo) and IMA....both r very very frndly and kind to customers...
Try to go there and u will never bee the same.... tc
FreakziLLa ( A-S-I-F)

I came fro isl and wandered in lhr for 4 days to find any gaming zone and then i heard from my cousin that y dont u go to NEO MATRIX,it is the best gamming zone in lhr. i went there and waz amazed. i just live for abt 4 dayz since the day i found NEO MATRIx and used to go everyday 4 abt 3 to 4 hrs.
Keep up the good work!

have to say........ i've seen it all, from portal, to places like vortex, and then ...voila ! Neomatrix......... there's something about this place that keeps making me come back and back and back...... and no im not being bribed by salman bhai here for some free hours, its the blatant truth...... i mean i never played games before, i started off with portal, played a bit at vortex, and made a name at Neomatrix.... which honestly did'nt come by THAT easily. The thing is, i have a feeling that places'll come and go, but Neomatrix is here to stay boiiz and gurlz..... so hook up.... and GET YOUR GAME ON, AT Neomatrix

peace all - Subculture

i already visit few gaming centres in Lhr but Neomatrix is really cool. u r up to the mark in every aspect of ur business. systems , atmosphere and specially the hospitality is very coooooooool.keep it up------->

The opening of Neomatrix has been a blessing in disguise for the lahorites.It has been a sensation that has turned Lahore upside down .The generosity and hospitality shown by the management has never been shown before and has made all the customers willing to cum for more .Through the hard work of Salman Bhai, Majid And IMA Neomatrix has created a never ending monopoly for itself inshallah.Salman Bhai and Majid have been the revolution behind the creation of BANDITS and inshallah soon the BANDITS will create a name for themselves like Neomatrix has and also turn Lahore upside down :).

heYz... what can i say...since every1 knows Neomatrix has kicked ass from the 1st day... the main reason for this is salman bhai and his effort to make neo big at a time when portal was reighning lhr in lan games.. but the credit also goes to majid and imran who have really worked hard fr Neomatrix... and also...the best players of mohaa of lhr play in Neomatrix... in simple words...therz no comparison

Playing at Neomatrix is cool. The Place is good,gaming is very good.
Neomatrix is the Lahore's or probably Pakistan's best gaming place, so keep it up Salman.

It was gr8 experience. Ur setup is excelent. We enjoyed a lot !

Majid Butt






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