The key to winning a map lies in how well you know the map and how you good your strategy is. Check the following links to learn the maps.

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Recently, Dust2 has become increasingly popular among new and old players. It's the map of choice for many league matches and thousands of
public servers. It offers a lot of the old perks of dust, with some new looks, feels, and, of course, tactics.

general info
The general theme of this map, for both sides, is to get to a secure point the fastest. For the CT's rushing directly to the bombsites is paramount which
isn't hard unless you're dyslexic and can't buy. For the T's, it's a bit tricky, and grenades and flash bangs can become valuable.

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The long corridor to bombsite A is a rushing target for many terrorists and a camping area for many counter-terrorists.
Throughout the map there are many dark areas to hide in, reminiscent of de_dust. While camping isn't necessarily encouraged for the Terrorists, the option is there. For the CT's however, boxes and crates line the horizon. Because of this, you'll never be in a wide open situation. Generally, as with all bomb/defuse maps, the Terrorists are one step ahead; they can have a full group rushing into an only half-guarded bomb-site. But on the other hand, the CT's are certainly have some advantage because both sites offer heavy amounts of cover, and are within reach of the CT spawn site.

Bombsite A is the area directly above the Counter-Terrorist spawn. Bombsite B is up the hill adjacent to the Counter-Terrorists spawn. A is considerably closer, which makes getting to B quickly even more critical.

first contact
» The small hallway leading directly into Bombsite B. Popular Grenade target.
» Snipers looking up and down the middle hill.
» The stairs and catwalk leading into site A.
» The long corridor on one side of the map, leading to A.

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This hallway is the terrorist's main path to bombsite B. A popular grenade and ambush target.
Rushing is a key concept in this map, especially for T's. A caravan of players leading into Bombsite B through the small hallway to the west of the Terrorist spawn can either be annihilated by colt/mp5 spam, or can lead to a successful plant and cover if the enemy hasn't given the right amount of attention. On the other hand, a caravan of spread out players (important) rushing the east corridor into A can either lead to everyone being wiped out by grenades, or a successful plant and cover in A. Of course, these strategies are all circumstantial, so they're not advised unless you're confident you can pull it off.

A lot of the clans like to use this strategy: send half the team to the balcony kind of deal hanging next to the middle hill, also known as the catwalk. Send the other half to the far-east long corridor and get into position. From this point, call a rush. The east side half will rush up the corridor full speed, and get into A if possible. The balcony half will throw flash bangs and grenades into A and rush in. Meet up, plant the bomb, and protect.

Don't forget a major terrorist strategy known as the "Glock rush". For the first round as T's, do not buy anything. Simply choose a bomb site and rush there together. If your team is successful, you are guaranteed enough money for armor and AKs. If you lose, you are guaranteed enough money for armor and mp5s.

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Terrorists will enter this hallway and rush toward bombsite B or go down the stairs, through the CT spawn, and plant at A.
In my opinion, bombsite B is a lot easier to hold, and considerably easy to obtain. The small hallway leading into B is very easy to blockade. Have one trooper get directly in front of it on the raised platform, behind one of the boxes, preferably the larger one so you can safely stand up, therefore offering the ability to pop in-and-out. Adjacent to the entrance to the hallway from B is a half-covered corner. You can wait here until the enemy comes out. With good communication, 2 people can take out as many as maybe 6 or 7. Grenades can come in handy in this situation because the hallway is cramped, but remember, the cover protects you from flash bangs, so use it.

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The catwalk and the stairs it leads to should be looked after carefully, from either the ramp or bombsite A.
For site A, usually you need a sniper looking down the corridor, and this area is crucial during the pistol round. The stairwell on the other side offers good cover on both levels, before and after the stairs. With good communication, this can allow for a good hold, while also sending 3-4 guys the other way. One guy in the spawn looking up the middle can take out oncoming rushers, offering stability in both bombsites.

Another asset for covering A is the long hallway leading into it, sometimes known as "long a." You can sneak around the corner or go into the down-leading ramp and hide, hopefully picking off a few stragglers. This gives a bit of help to the guys defending A, because only two sides need-be covered.

One of the most important things to remember is that you are defending, not rushing. Too many beginner clans start out and rush one way or the other. It seems simple but some people forget this, SPREAD OUT!

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Sniping here is very difficult, but can hold down the other team.
Sniping/Camping Locations
» Looking up and down the middle passage, through the double-doors can offer cover for both sides. It's really a quick-shot skill thing, so whoever's got that area down the best wins.

» In site B, looking into the hallway, trapped T's can become victim to crouched colt spam. This area is very narrow, and there's nowhere to go when the shooting's begun.

» There are many crates and short walls in bombsite B to hide behind. There are also crates outside, in the ramp leading to bombsite B.

» A good terrorist team can cover a bomb planted at bombsite A from far away. The CT spawn, the ramp at the far side of the corridor, and the stairs can all be occupied.





Here's a run down of some of the most strategic positions on de_nuke. Note the locations, directions of how to get there, ways of using it to the fullest, and routes to fall back into. Also included is a list of what weapons work best for this map, and why? And a list of routes to rush through, which weapons to use, and where NOT to rush.? Hope this can help make you a 133t.

Weapons Best Suited for This Map:


· SIG Commando: It's powerful, has long range, and a scope for sniping capabilities. A bit of a steep price, but after a few rounds you can afford it.

· FNP-90:? By far the most universal sub, this thing can do it all, even sniping if you're a good shot!? With a 50 round clip, and a high ROF (Rate of Fire), this gun has all you need for the indoor areas of this map.

· G3 Sniper Rifle: While I don't usually touch this gun, it is quite effective on de_nuke.? With all of the open areas, you can easily perch yourself on the roof and take pot shots at passing CT's.? A winner on this map.


· M4A1:? Similar to the SIG in power, this guy is all around awesome.? Very quick reload, accurate enough for longer range shots, has a scope for some sniping, and it's silenced.

· MP-5:? Can't go wrong with this gun, good ROF, fast reload, accurate, and for $1500 bucks you can afford to lose it.

·?AWP Sniper Rifle: The T's need the faster firing G3 for a map like this.? But for CT's it's best to have the one hit kill rifle.? You can perch yourself in the rafters or outside and get lots of kills with this gun.? Just find a good spot, and rack up those frags baby!

Most strategic Positions:


As always in all maps, a good sniping position is behind a box, or a pile of boxes.? Nuke has plenty of these.?Follow the same route as position 1, but this time CONTINUE right until you reach the set of boxes next the red portable.? Sitting behind those provides cover, and gives you another wide-open area to snipe from.? Watch for CT's behind you, and inside the gray building ahead of you.? If you get into trouble the best place to fall backwards to is the pile of boxes behind you to your right, jump up those get to the roof and take aim.? You've got the elevation factor on any CT's.?If someone comes up behind you, and you need to bolt to the front, I suggest taking cover inside of a building.?Preferably the one to your right with the bomb spot inside.? From in there you can take cover, and prepare an ambush for when they come in.?Try behind the vents, inside the tan portable, or behind the pile of boxes.

Inside the large gray building with the only above ground bomb spot, go behind any of the two gray vents.? It provides cover of the whole room, and it's a great spot to sit and wait for CT's to come and diffuse the bomb.? Watch out for CT's in the rafters though, as you're easily visible to them.? Also be careful for CT's coming out of the tan portable to your left.? I suggest hiding behind the vent farthest to the left as it provides ample cover for you, and gives you the advantage of more cover if you happen to be spotted.?If you do decide to attack someone, make sure you kill him, before he kills you BUM BUM BUUUM!? If you're caught after the attack chances are that you will die.? For starters, they'll have a full clip, you won't.?Also if you're as compulsive as I am about it, you'll probably start reloading after you unload into them.?So go for a headshot.? If you do happen to fire, not kill them, and then get a chance to run, bolt out of the opening into the main area.? If they retreat, switch vents.? That way when they come back in, they won't know where to check and you'll have the head start again.

Planting the bomb in the above ground spot is the best one in my opinion? What you should do to make it more difficult for the CT's to diffuse it is to place the bomb in a not so obvious spot.? Place the bomb AS close to the boxes as possible.? Also try to put the bomb behind the boxes.? I know what you're thinking, what's putting the bomb behind the box going to do?? Well even if it does only take a few seconds to find the bomb, that CT did waste a few seconds. And when you're diffusing a bomb, as we all know from SG's wonderfully humorous DA section¦seconds count!

Now for the underground bomb spot, the best place to lay it would be to place it near or as close to the box as possible.? I haven't found a very sneaky spot to place it in.? But it doesn't matter because that room is so easily guarded you won't need a good spot.? Once you lay the bomb go hop into the vents, now sit and watch your back.? When you see/hear a CT go diffuse the bomb, hop out and unload your gun into his back. Now rinse and repeat : P !!


From your SP, run clear down to the opening.? Go to the boxes on your left.? Set yourself up with a rifle, or sub behind there and mow down and T's that come along.? Watch out for the roof, and the opening behind you (Again nice to have a spotter helping you out).? This spot is good because it covers 2 areas that usually get heavy traffic during this map, and gives you two routes to fall back to. Your base itself, and into the building which can lead everywhere.? I suggest scrambling up the ladder and getting an elevated position if you're outnumbered.

Starting again from your SP, run out to the opening turn left this time pass the box area, and go into the opening that leads into the gray building.?Here you have COMPLETE coverage of the oncoming T's, beware of spot #2 I listed above, because if you don't look there, chances are they'll have a bead on you.? A quick shot fired through those boxes occasionally also helps as T's might crawl over there making it hard for you to see them, until it's too late.?Vulnerable areas to this spot, the entrance you came through, keep an eye on that door I listed in #1 because if it's not covered you can be sure T's will be pouring through there sooner or later.?Also watch for T's that make it past your LOF, they can use that red portable for cover, and get in that room with you real quick.? The good thing about this spot is it's easy to abandon ship if it gets too intense.?The best route is to fall back and head underground using the passage that is out the side opening, to your right.?Down there are long hallways that any T would be a fool to follow a CT with a rifle down into.? Also if you don't want to risk a firefight, hide behind the wall next to left of the passage.? With a little luck, the T should run RIGHT by you ; ).

The wall I just mentioned can also be used as a good sniper's nest.? You should be able to cover the roof from there, and any T's coming out of the door by your SP.? They usually don't see you because: one, they'll more than likely check the building I listed in #2 first, and two, it's one of the more darker areas on the map.? Again if you're spotted, head right down into the halls.? They shouldn't follow you in, and if they do snipe their sorry asses.?

The roof, and the rafters.? These spots have LIMITLESS possibilities use your imagination.? The particular spots I like to use are: If I'm low on health or my team is getting worked, I tend to camp right above the ladder in front of my SP.?T's don't normally expect it, and you can more times than not get the first shot off.? Also just the top area of the rafters is good facing towards the main opening into the above ground bomb spot.? If you want to trick them up, use one of the crossbeams, run to the support beams in the middle of the room, crouch jump through them, then go stand on the OTHER side of the room.? I really suggest this one. It's pretty original, and T's sometimes just run right out to plant the bomb, or clear the area without even checking that spot Plus it gives you clear coverage of the other side.?If you get into trouble, or you need to get down fast, take the crossbeam that runs over the tan portable I mentioned above, now when you get over it crawl off the beam, and before you hit the portable release crouch.? This will make you sustain less damage. I've made that fall with a loss as little as 2H (Health).

For the underground bomb spot, try to use EOS (Element of Surprise).? This works well.? Don't just come through those sliding doors, shoot through the windows, or come guns a blazing down the front ramp, anything to throw off the camping T's down below.? Your best bet in my opinion is to come through the vents.? While it makes noise when you're about to come out, it is one of the (Surprisingly enough) least watched spots in that section of the map.?If done correctly you can clear that room and still have plenty of time to diffuse the bomb. I suggest shooting out BOTH the vents then choosing one to come out of. Or if possible coming out of a vent already with the cover missing. You should do some recon, before busting in.? Maybe you can spot the T and not have to worry about wondering where he is.? If you can see him it makes this procedure much easier.? But often times they're underneath the catwalk you come out on to.? So you cannot see them.

The most important strategy for ANY diffusion map!  Buy a diffuser! Every round! You should have the money; it's 200 bucks!? So remember it is your DUTY as a Counter-Terrorist of the Counter-Strike republic, TO BUY A DEFUSER! Thank you? : )


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